Current exhibition: FAKE. The Whole Truth

Fake news, fake profiles, and fake products; corporations that cheat; athletes who take drugs; politicians who don’t tell the truth: never before have we been surrounded by so much that is fake. And we’re right in the thick of it, asking ourselves: what’s genuine? What’s true? What’s a lie? Who can we trust? Who should we be able to trust?

For the duration of the FAKE exhibition, the Stapferhaus has turned itself into the Office for the Whole Truth. There we’re invited to sound out those lies, and see whether or not the truth still has a pulse. Together we have to decide which lies are important, necessary, or even fatal. As we make our way through the Office, we embark on a fact-finding mission. We encounter people in positions of responsibility struggling for the truth. We marvel at lying fish, talk about honesty in love, and the expression of civilities in everyday life. And we heed the call of the chief civil servant: The Truth Needs You!

The exhibition is in German, French and English.
Till 28 June 2020


Exhibition and Bistro Opening Hours

28 October 2018 to summer 2020

Tuesday to Sunday:
9 am to 5 pm
9 am to 8 pm
Closed Mondays


Adults: CHF 21.–
Apprentices & students up to age 25: CHF 13.–
Children & teenagers up to age 16: CHF 8.–
Children up to age 6: free
with the Swiss Museum Pass: free
Family ticket: CHF 45.– maximum 2 adults & 3 children up to age 16

Prices for Groups of 10 or more

Adults: CHF 18.–
Apprentices & students up to age 25: CHF 7.–
Children & teenagers up to age 16: CHF 6.–
Introduction to the exhibition: CHF 50.– (adults) / CHF 40.– (school groups)
Guided Tour: CHF 150.– (adults) / CHF 100.– (school groups)

Groups should pre-register on +41 62 88 66 222

Ho to get there

Public transport is best. The new premises are right next to the railway station. Parking is also available at various multi-storey car parks near the railway station. Benefit from discounts with SBB RailAway!

Both the exhibition and the Bistro are wheelchair accessible.

About the Stapferhaus

The exhibitions at Stapferhaus create spaces for people to engage with the critical questions of our day. Workshops, events and publications provide opportunities for a range of target groups to explore themes in greater depth. The Stapferhaus addresses its visitors as equals and invites them to form their own views. As a kind of laboratory for the art of living, the Stapferhaus makes difficult things accessible and draws out connections and relationships without delivering ready-made conclusions. Thus, the exhibitions at the Stapferhaus make it possible to recognise and negotiate the present day.

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Recent Exhibitions

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On their way through the exhibition, visitors encountered people with different stories of home, came face to face with themselves in the maze of mirrors and the cosmos, gained a new perspective on the Ferris wheel and engaged with the major home-related questions of our time in the homeland section.

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MONEY. Beyond Good and Evil

Visitors to the exhibition MONEY strolled through a heaven on earth, swam in money and declared their personal credo. At the end, they arrived at the cash desk and decided for themselves how much they felt the experience of the exhibition was worth.

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DECISION. An exhibition about life in the supermarket of possibilities

Organic or budget? Anna or Sarah? Children or career? Or do you want both? DECISION was an exhibition about weighing up your options and going with your gut, unequal and missed opportunities, coincidence and fate.